How much time? - Privacy Policy

This page exposes our policies with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

This app does not collect personal information of any kind and does not make use of an internet connection.
This app does not collect any information regarding how the user uses it, and keeps no log of the user's activity.

This app requires "READ EXTERNAL STORAGE" and "WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE" permissions, that is the permission to access the storage on the user's device, beyond the section reserved to the app itself. These permissions are needed for the import and export functionalities, and the user will be asked at run-time to give these permissions if and when he or she chooses to make use of them.

Except the case that the user chooses to export them in a file, the data generated by this app are stored in the app section of the user's device storage and are not shared with anyone, nor transferred over the internet.